Thursday, December 22, 2016

We Need to Listen

Instead of my annual list of 'edtech books I want for xmas,' I thought I'd try something different. Besides, the inspiration for innovative teaching and learning leadership probably won't come to you through a book specifically on that topic.  And I want to sneak my provokations past the defenses of those who say they don't have time to read. Fine. Listen.

Podcasts are teaching people new things all the time.  Think of it like a radio dial with every station being chock full of engaging and inspiring directives and explorations of every topic you never knew you needed explained.  For our purposes, we're going to start with education and technology. But because there are so many issues bound up with those and to overcome that perenial complaint that these aren't specific enough to adult education (and you might still say you're stuck in a rut anyhow), I built this list of lists of podasts to light a thousand fires under you. One way or another, they are all about teaching and learning.  Not only are you the student, you are getting one-on-one tutoring by listening to podcasts.

Please comment to share some of the gems you discover. What podcast was your favorite? What are the common threads across all of these lists?  Note that I included the full URL here for you to see instead of embedding the link in the text.  Look at all these sources talking about podcasts!  They're talking about learning. They're sharing the content that people created to educate one another and to put the life lessons in the pathway of those who might need it. It's marketing with a social or even viral exponential expansion.  Maybe one day, we can get our messages leapfrogging across these platforms. Now dive in and listen up and share.   

Best Education Podcasts

Best Edtech podcasts

More Edtech podcasts

Best Learning Podcasts
Best Self-Improvement Podcasts

Best Change Your Life Podcasts

Best Get Off Your Ass Podcasts

Best Motivational Podcasts

Best Social Media Marketing Podcasts

Best Leadership Podcasts

More Leadership Podcasts

Best Entrepreneur Podocasts

Best All-Around Podcasts

Okay... maybe just one book for Xmas

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