Thursday, October 16, 2014

GED Academy Now Even More Mobile

For whatever reason, some mobile device operating systems will not play Flash-based content.  For a while, it was just iOS, the operating systems on iPhones and iPads that refused flash.  And for a while, I simply recommended downloading the Puffin app for $1.99 (the free version, in my experience, doesn't work as well) when encouraging GED Academy use via mobile learning.

However, now that many Android devices (smart-phones and tablets) have joined in refusing to play flash, Puffin has added GED Academy to their list of edu-cational sites that you can visit without paying for their app.

Below, I'm including the instructions that Essential Education's lead trainer, Kirsten Thomas, sent around to the rest of us so we could spread the word. So, here I am spreading the word.  Enjoy!