Thursday, October 29, 2015

Let the Maestro Be Your EdTech Guide on the Side

Facilitating blended learning is easy when you have good models and mentors to turn to for inspiration. When I got started with Virginia's distance learning program ten years ago, one of the innovative educators that I looked to was David Rosen. His online repositories of resources and his work with the Learner Web made him an authority in the edtech field. He was WAY AHEAD of most state's leadership, much less the average practitioner.  But now the field is catching up. Blended learning is not just a lofty goal. It's a standard practice. I should know, because I'm meeting with increasing enthusiasm while talking with teachers about Essential Education's innovative adaptive learning programs.

These stars aligning made it a natural choice to collaborate with David Rosen on a FREE downloadable Blended Teacher's Guide. The publication of this resource has prompted WorldEd to host a FREE webinar with David Rosen on November 13th at 2pm Eastern. YOU CAN REGISTER HERE. Please invite your fellow teachers, convene a program-wide meeting around the webinar and spread the word on social media.

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