Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Does Distance Learning Need to Change?

Here is a heavily circulated article from Edudemic about online learningIt resonates with me, and there's lots to chew on.

Why (And How) Distance Learning Needs To Change, by Nina Hassing

See anything new here? I see some forward thinking insights, but also some long established basics, which is a good place to start.  But that's just it. Distance ed in the adult ed sector doesn't need to change.  It needs to start. We don't need to get it right out of the gate. It's not going to 'evolve' if it doesn't come out of the cave, or down the from the trees (or get taken off the shelf). 

I'm curious what are the most crucial components outlined in this piece? Which are important next-generation reforms?  Are there any recommendations that are superfluous? Let's discus in the comments right here so we can tailor our response to the context of adult education, ABE/GED/ESOL.

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